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Different Paths
Image source: Chuck Hoffman

Another C-90 compilation, but much less on the heavy side than those I’ve posted recently. This is from 2011 on a label called Greentape and is more in the realm of bedroom lo-fi, casio, folky, acoustic, and the odd experimental track. It has a good bit of that ’90s DIY lo-fi indie vibe. Names I recognize from elsewhere include Teaadora, Office Park, and (D)(B)(H). A nice mellow listen. I tried to even out the volume levels a bit but I didn’t try very hard.

Different Paths

The Worst of Bloody Mess (& Co.) 1984-1987

Scumbag punk, raw, sloppy, out-of-tune, drunk, rowdy, tossed-off, recorded live on a boombox, with lots of cover songs. Bloody toured with GG Allin, that’s important and referenced a few times. That should all give you a fair idea what most of this tape sounds like, although it starts off with a headfake consisting of karaoke covers of “Your Cheatin’ Heart” and “White Christmas”. There are a couple more karaoke tracks, and even some spoken word poetry towards the end. The covers are all uncredited, Bloody evidently expects you can identify them without the help.

The Worst of Bloody Mess


L.O.C. (Lord Of Cheese) was a one-man casio noisecore band. Skeptical of the idea of noisecore done on nothing but a cheap keyboard? Well the blown-out recording helps to keep it brutal, not to mention hilarious.

Greatest Hits

The Forgotten Sessions

Gestörte Nachbarn/Pile Of Eggs split tape

More from the great Steveggs, on a split tape with this interesting German group who turn in a pair of quite nice long noise tracks. Pile Of Eggs, of course, does their usual goofball thing. Lots of fun.

Fuck Everything!

Fascist Insect/Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium split 7

A solid grindcore split from 2009.

Fascist Insect/Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium

Cripple Bastards/Violent Headache split 7

Excellent material from both bands here. The Cripple Bastards side lists 44 song titles but as is the case with a lot of noisecore it’s pretty useless to try to split them apart so it’s all one file here. The VH side is more grindy but still raw as fuck. There’s some wacked-out delay effect all over everything that’s kind of distracting. Still pretty rad.

Cripple Bastards/Violent Headache

Cesspool #7

The Barfos and several of their homies. Another diverse one here, with experimental sound collages, noise-rock, noisecore, plain ol’ noise, grind, bedroom indie, and even some honest to goodness pop-punk.

Cesspool #7

Be A Freak

This compilation was supposed to kick off a new label called Be A Freak Records but I don’t think anything ever came of that, though the same guy did end up starting another label. There is a lot of seriously killer stuff on this one, It’s a definite favorite. Another mix of 1990s noise, grindcore, punk, and general weirdness.

Be A Freak

Audio Terrorism

Among my many 1990s noise/grind cassette compilations, this is the granddaddy of them all. This is my personal first compilation appearance though I’m not saying which track. This tape is intimately bound up with my introduction to the noise tape scene and to noisecore and grindcore besides. Everything about this tape rules and brings back memories.

Audio Terrorism