Metek is the musical works of Fredrik Nilsson of Sweden. The newly ventured netlabelish aspect of The Centipede Farm proudly presents this digital release of “My Ordinary Life”. We asked him some questions about it too:

CF: How long have you been doing this kind of music? Have you had other projects or bands you’ve been involved in?

M: yes yes . I had a broken taperecorder I use to play around with when I was only 10 years … I recorded animals at wong speed at the farm where I grew up .. 

CF: You described the piece as being about “my struggle … and the extremeness I feel”. And yet the title, “My Ordinary Life” seems to contradict the idea of extremeness. Do you mean to say that extremeness is ordinary for you?

M: yes I am extreme . I have an extreme way to experience the world around me . I have a extreme way to express myself but that is my everyday so I guess its normal for me and ofcours other people who experience things the same way.

CF: are you able to elaborate on that extremeness and struggle and how it influences your music and this piece in particular?

M: hmm dont really understand this question but I try to answer anyway .. I think evolve all the time both as a human being and as a musichian .. I try to find new was to express myself as dynamic and multifaceted as possible .. I see myself doing that the same way I develop as a musichian

Also keep on the lookout for upcoming Metek split releases with Jan-Morten Iversen, Josef Nadek, and Thirdorgan, and Nilsson’s dark ambient project with Bian, M.v.B, coming soon on Deadtones Records.

This weekend, motherfuckers!



  • CFX-13 Distant Trains “Explortation”
  • CFX-14 Consciousness Prism “Nexus”
  • CFX-15 Rantau Ranjau / L’Eclipse Nue “Seeds of Sickness”
  • CFX-16 Vales “Boat Impressions”
  • CFX-17 Raven “Give Blood for Oil”
  • CFX-18 Third I “Glitch Pieces”

See the catalog page or the Storenvy or the bandcamp for details and ordering.

I’m too tired to say much more right now so here’s a bunch of photos of tapes:



Rantau Ranjau & L'Eclipse Nue

Boat Impressions

Give Blood for Oil

Third I "Glitch Pieces"

Evidently Serbia’s got it goin’ on. Yesterday we brought you some Third I, today it’s our latest Raven joint, two new dynamic walls of grimy noise drone, Djordje continuing to pull his project in a synthier and more layered direction. Also coming this April on cassette tape and download, along with the below.

Day 4 of the spring batch reveal; definitely among Serbia’s most fascinating experimental music projects, Third I have done everything from dark ambient to drone to harsh noise to improvisation, each release a concept of its own and all highly recommendable. “Glitch Pieces” is 14 unique short, high-energy pieces of glitchy, squiggly, electronic sounds and static. A seriously fun listen.

The first two tracks, Rantau Ranjau (Indonesia) interprets nuclear contamination/devastation/mutation through harsh squalls of staticky feedback. For the last two, L’eclipse Nue (Japan/USA) does likewise through the vehicle of noisy old-school electronic industrial that sounds a bit like what I picture it would be like if Skinny Puppy ever decided to just get loose and jam a bit. Sandwiched in between is a collab track nicely combines the elements of both artists’ sounds.

Here’s #2 of my day-by-day reveal of the spring batch. Sam Hayes covers miles of stylistic ground in a mere 25 minutes from minimal melodic synth jam (with live drums!) to crunchy noise to super-chilled droney ambient.

Bloggers, zine-ers, podcasts, traders, feel free to get in touch if something interests you! Several more streams to be released here in the coming days!

Beginning the reveal of the seriously epic Spring 2013 batch of sounds from The Centipede Farm with (finally!) the new Distant Trains release, “Explortation”, a re-purposing of ancient deteriorating cassette recordings of guitar improvisation chronicling my discovery of the wonders of digital delay circa 1996/7, over which I overdubbed and collaged guitars, bass, drums, no-input mixer, keyboards, loops, and various other effects and sounds in 2012/3 to make something new that careens wildly between noise, mellow ambient bits, and crazy instrumental rock jams.

Keep an eye on this space for more new Centipede Farm releases in the works, all of which will also be made available on cassette tape in a couple-three weeks. Great stuff coming up from Raven, Third I, Consciousness Prism, Vales, Rantau Ranjau/L’Eclipse Nue, SBDD, and Nyhos.

So… this is fucking annoying:


Word to the wise, if you’re having J-cards printed up at your neighborhood print or office place, tell the kid behind the counter not to print them from that bullshit Microsoft Windows image preview app, but instead open them up in a proper fucking graphics application that won’t fuck up the size. Bring a J-card along with you for comparison.

I had already gone to the trouble of cutting out and folding them and didn’t notice until I was at home inserting them in the Norelcos. On top of this, half of the cassette labels got printed upside down and all fucked up, and I miscounted and brought along 1 sheet of labels too few for the number of tapes I was doing. These are hectic times; in my scramble to get these tapes made up in the midst of a mad rush to close on my new house and get or shit packed up to move and frantically finish up a bunch of stuff at work so that I can have the time off to be able to be able to do this moving with a 4-year-old underfoot, right now I just don’t have the time and patience to get all these labels and cards re-done. So welcome to moulttrigger’s “Birds”: The Wonky Edition, limited to 27. To make up for the drop in presentation quality, I’ll be knocking $1 off the price of these. They still sound just as good.