Dust Black Polish - Jane

Ah yes, you know some shit is kvlt when you can’t find anything to do with it on discogs :D I’ve had this 5 song cassette EP in my collection since shortly after its 1994 release - I’m guessing it came my way as a promo when I was doing a zine - yet despite the apparently professional production values of its media, design, and printing, to this day any further information on the band, the members whose names are listed, or the Uranium Records label it purports to be the inaugural release of, completely eludes me. I did unexpectedly come across a rip of it on Soulseek once a few weeks ago (it had been on my wishlist) but nothing more. I made this rip from my own copy.

Musically it’s quite apart from the usual noise and DIY fare I’ve been posting here, a sort of gothy-witchy indie rock that vibes nicely right about now as we head toward the upcoming holiday and deeper into the fall season. The dirty-jangle guitar tone tickles a 1980s musical memory that I quite can’t place; the opening track is introduced by a Neu-ish motorik drum beat fading in, and the drum sound is muffled in that kind of way where you can’t tell for sure if there are any cymbals. There’s a folky acoustic number followed by a song with no apparent words (except for a sound that could be the song’s title, “Hide”, being whispered, but could just as easily be a china cymbal). Even the bass is sort of ghostly and barely-there. The singer has a sort of ethereal Kate Bush/Natalie Merchant thing going on with a bit of that overenunciation that adds extra syllables to words. Even without the mystery around its origins, it would be pretty compelling music.



Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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