8ALLZ / Betch N' Turd live split tape

Since I’ve recently posted the Form & Void and Austin Noise 2015 compilations it seems like the next theme to work from might naturally be more releases from the same label, Ram Horn Records. This 2012 split pairs up short lo-fi live recordings from two noise duos both featuring Liz Gomez of Dromez - one with Breakdancing Ronald Reagan’s John Cash, and the other with Alexandra Pharmakon.

Incidentally, I would post Dromez’s 2013 Machiavellian Consort tape on Ram Horn here as well, but as it happens they seem to have neglected to dub the B side on my copy, so instead of the three Dromez tracks that should be there I get three songs of some band called Speaking In Tongues that they were taping over. If anyone has a non-faulty copy of this please get in touch, because the A side rips.




Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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