Sadly, with the passing of drummer Rob Ogg last year, Skin Of Earth is probably over. Rob was one of those people that you just sort of assume to be immortal, so it was a shock to the Des Moines music community for sure (not that there is no more Rob Ogg music to be released, though: check out this recent posthumous release where he’s on bass and lead vocals). What we’ve got here is a self-released cassette of a live recording of Skin Of Earth performing on the short-lived outdoor stage out back of Vaudeville Mews in July of 2013, quite possibly the only recording of the band with a bassist (Andy Smeltzer of Traffic Death). I was at this show and it was a mystical experience, the sound of these riffs echoing off the neighboring parking ramp was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced, truly a high point not only for the band but for this city as far as I’m concerned.




Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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