The Music Of Amway, As Sung By The Sanborn Singers

Came across this at a thrift store some years ago. Amway and MLMs in general were kind of an obsession of mine for many years, something I arrived at by finding lots of their tapes when mining thrift stores for sampling material. It was a big recurring theme in Flight Attendants.

The Sanborn Singers were a singing group of whom all members also happened to be Amway direct distributors and that performed at Amway conventions. My lazy-ass Web research uncovered one other album by them, Sing Out For Free Enterprise, released in 1969, eight years earlier than this album. From the track listing there, it appears that this album may have reused a couple songs from Sing Out, but where the earlier repertoire focused on old-fashioned standards and patriotic songs, this one has more of their original Amway propaganda songs.


Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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