Make It Stop

I first heard Make It Stop via the inclusion of the track “Breadfuck” on the Audio Terrorism compilation. It was one of my favorite things on that tape, so I wrote to them to see how I could get more of their stuff and told them how the track reminded me of early Swans. Got back this tape and a note saying “thanks for the comparison to Swans, they rule!”.

Make It Stop’s sound is some great sludge-noise with lo-fi 4-track production; many of the tracks are instrumental, others have spoken-word vocals; “Buzzfuck” is a bit unique in being a sort of mystical stoner-doom tune with more traditional vocals.

A slightly different version of this tape was found at the Sluggisha blogspot but I think the sound is better on mine, which also has a couple more tracks on it. They also included a mix of bands from their area on the B side which included Tub Of Noise’s tracks from a split tape with Make It Stop along with stuff by Shiny Beast, Geezer Lake, Boil, and Breadwinner, though I haven’t included that stuff here. (Members of Shiny Beast were later in Red Fang, and Geezer Lake are criminally underappreciated in my opinion).



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Charlie Schiz
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