While I’ve been rebuilding what I’ve taken to calling “The Media Hoard” here, I’ve run across a few items that I decided to leave down because they can be found at these bandcamp pages:

Iowa Basement Tapes Archives: a Bandcamp site run by Kristian Day of the Iowa Basement Tapes radio show and podcast, collecting a wealth of Iowa underground music history. A few items there are even contributed from my own collection, including Kristian’s own superior digitization of the Lid 11 “Black Industrial Diamonds” cassette. There is tons of great stuff to discover here.

319Dude: another bandcamp account collecting old Iowa underground music, run by Ben Smasher, and focused on the eastern portion of the state, particularly Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

Poopsicle Records: Preserving the catalog of Ottumwa-based DIY label Poopsicle Records, including some very early works of the great Samuel Locke Ward.

Mortville Noise: and speaking of Ottumwa, Andy of Captain Three Leg still operates this noisecore label and keeps all its old stuff up. It’s far from being exclusively Iowa artists but there’s quite a bit of old Ottumwa stuff in the back catalog.

Ragman Records: I maintain this account myself collecting the output of a certain young lo-fi scene in Cedar Falls that I was involved with in the late 1990s and related material spanning a few years afterward. We were a weird bunch for sure.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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