Engorged With Blood

Among the acquisitions from my used tape trawling at the old Cedar Falls Co-Op Records was this odd little item. Obviously the cool-looking cover was a factor in the decision to grab it. Musically it’s a horny-on-main concoction of electronic drums, nicely grooving bass lines, gauzy washes of shoegazey guitars reminiscent of Curve, evoking deep-summer heat and steam rising from grates over humidity-glistened city streets at night, with a deep-voiced lead vocalist, mixed right up front, who mostly speaks, sometimes half-sings, occasionally moans, sexually-charged lyrics like Leonard Cohen on a mix of ecstasy and painkillers. Listening to it gives me a bit of that “what if someone walked in on me right now” feeling like I’m watching some cheezy softcore Cinemax shit on someone else’s TV after an after-party. If only they had thought to work in some echoey saxophone while they were at it. The rhythms and swirly guitar give this music some great atmosphere though and it’s hard to resist. Working from clues on the tape and packaging I figured out that this was a project of a guy named John Hanes, well-known in the Bay Area as a drummer who worked with Romeo Void and Chrome; he had a website at purelovepower.com for a while but it seems to be gone now.



Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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