Hello! My obsessive lo-fi-dragon ways strike again. I am in the process of rebuilding lots of old posts that feature downloads of tapes and records I’ve digitized from my collection when I couldn’t find them online anywhere else (or are of projects of my own anyway). I’ve been doing this quite a long time but I’d also done a lot of revamps of the site in the meantime so the files weren’t well organized, some files got deleted or links mangled, and so on. I’m hunting down the old posts and replacing them with new ones and reorganizing the files. You’ll see below the first batch of these has gone up today. If you come across a broken download link in an older post, most likely that post will be redone in the near future so check back. I’ll also be adding new stuff while I’m at it! Enjoy!

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. I've been weird all my life. It's my time to shine.

M. Barret - When Love Becomes Ire

Received this tape as a surprise extra when I ordered up the newestbelltonesuicide album, "Valley To Valley", on CD. M. Barret, betterkno...… Continue reading

The Vahnevants - Stoned Together

Published on April 08, 2021

Brandon Wald - Organic Mind Machinery

Published on April 06, 2021