Sometime in the range of ‘96 to ‘98 me and my Angry Cops bandmates (Mike Hays, now a.k.a. Pythias Braswell, and Ben Echeverria, son of an art professor at University of Northern Iowa) trekked down to Rock Island because we heard Men’s Recovery Project was playing at something called Sam’s Cavern. MRP’s set ended up lasting about 5 minutes due to a blown bass amp, but we also saw Thrones, MK-Ultra, and Race Traitor, and met some local kids who had a band called Paper Children, who immediately booked us to come play at the same venue in a couple months. All in all a very memorable night, and while there, I bought this CD from a distro box on the merch table just because it was cheap and I liked how it looked, packaged in a brown paper luch sack with the cover art stapled to it. In retrospect, it’s reminiscent of the bands whose names I’ve forgotten that my future wife Leah and I saw play at some lodge hall in Shell Rock a few years years later – sort of avant-garde screamo, very intense with great use of dissonance and extended improvisation. I don’t really know anything about this band but this EP jams pretty hard.



Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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