I promised myself this wouldn’t be another one of those apology for not posting more often posts, so fuck you no apologies, haha. Besides the normal family stuff taking up my energy, I’ve been busy putting together quite a few shows these days. If you do experimental or noise music or something related to same, and are interested in performing for a small but appreciative crowd at a dive bar in Des Moines, hit me up.

Biggest thing lately? Just came off the 5th Zeitgeist Festival, which, like the 4th one was held in the racquetball/handball court (depending on who’s talking about it) room of the Des Moines Social Club, and took place Saturday afternoon into the night. I sort of took the reigns of the lineup this time around, contacting artists and whatnot, helped a little with the printing distributing of posters and rudimentary sound-system running; people tend to give me quite a bit of credit but the honest truth is that it wouldn’t have happened without the patience and organization and work ethic of Trey Reis and the advocacy and string-pulling of our inside man at the Social Club, Mickey Davis. I feel a little weird for hogging the booking, but hey, 19 acts and every one of them slayed, except maybe that guy who calls his project “Musician,” the fuck is that about? I wonder how the idea would go over of getting a different artist from the scene in DSM to curate the lineup each time…

I haven’t been so good about keeping the Catalog page updated here, and the Storenvy hasn’t fared much better. I can’t even vouch for my discogs. Duplicate effort sucks. The bandcamp page will always be the best place to check what’s out on Centipede Farm.

Anyone who played Zeitgeist, hit me up about putting out a tape if you’re up for it, I’m completely serious.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. I've been weird all my life. It's my time to shine.

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