How do I go 8 months without a post? Well a lot of things. The Centipede Farm has been mostly dormant for like a year or so now. I had another kid, and an elbow surgery, and some legal troubles owing to my own foolishness, and so just generally haven’t had time for shit. But that’s all turning around now and things are ramping back up, so get ready for this late-summer batch. Here’s most of it:

I don’t know if we’ve talked about Cancer Lake before. It’s a duo I started up with Matt Crowe (Sex Funeral, KM/MC, Human Satan) a while back. Dark avant-doom/blacknoise sludge bass free-jazz chaos harsh ugliness. People have been asking us when the fuck we’re going to finally get a tape out. Well I just picked up the covers today and I’ve been dubbing the copies for a while. Here it is. We play TONIGHT at the Des Moines Social Club in the handball court room upstairs with Ariadne, DJ DJ Tanner, and Tree Branch Twig, so come pick it up there, or order it off the bandcamp:

And by the way here’s some Ariadne:

Some time in the past several months I also started up a solo harsh noise project called Musician. Basically, I wanted to factor the harsh stuff away from Distant Trains so that DT could keep its goofy sound-collage/bedroom songwriter side intact. Also coming out today is a Musician tape called “Get Despondent!” I’ll have this with me at the show tonight, plus a small number of copies of the self-titled Musician CD-R on the Breaching Static label.

And I’m very pleased to say I’ve got another release out now with The Big Drum In The Sky Religion. Like the Distant Trains split tape a while back this one takes a diversion from BDSR’s usual “several bands jamming simultaneously in different rooms of a large house” sound, but this time taking electronic dance beats that revel in cheese and half-drowning them in fucked up guitar and mystical samples. It’s like the weirdest rave you went to in 1995 that time when you went into the chill-out room and tried to meditate but were tripping too hard.

We also still have a few copies of the “All Iowa Noise Insurgency: The Early Years” double-C-47 compilation available, and a bunch of other stuff.

Releases that are upcoming shortly will be from Used Alien Mind and Raven.

A fifth Zeitgeist is indeed happening! Come to the aforementioned DMSC Handball Court on October 24. We’ve got some pleasant surprises in store as far as the lineup and I’ll be posting about them here.

Until then, here’s flyers for some other gigs I got coming up:





Also, though I don’t have a flyer for it yet, I will post it once I do, October 18 probably around 8pm at the Fremont, we’ve got Radio Shock playing with my ol’ friends Mouttrigger, Former Comedian (former Toddler Size Shark Cage/killmesara), and Cheerleaders In Trees (a nifty side project of The Wych Elm folks), and some newer friends, the Tony Weir Effected Ensemble.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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