Hello to everybody out there. How are you, and how was your year? I am better than ever, and also busier than ever. I had another kid back in June, which ties Leah up a lot of the time so that I have a lot more on my plate with tending the house and Wes. I started a new job a in February that I like a lot better than my old job but it’s also more demanding and I’ve had to learn a lot of new stuff. I’m on good meds. I started meditating sort of regularly. I’m involved in another label doing vinyl (more indie-rock sort of stuff mostly) and I’m trying to write stuff for Fetal Pig and Cancer Lake. I think Cancer Lake is going to rep Iowa in trip metal. So it’s been a real bitch trying to carve out time to work on label stuff. Hope you all don’t mind that things have slowed down so much this year. I know some artists have gotten a tad frustrated. I apologize. If we had a project planned and you suspect I’ve forgotten, please get in touch. Otherwise though, I’m not looking for new ones right now. I already have ideas.

In other news, THE COMPILATION IS OUT. The All Iowa Noise Insurgency: The Early Years 2xC-47+booklet, my labor of love, got finished this year. I have a few more artist copies to send out yet. Get it from me, or maybe from one of the artists, or on Bandcamp, whatever works for you. See preceding post. I set up a killer release show for it in late November which was great because we weren’t having a fall Zeitgeist Fest and it kind of filled that void at that time. If you weren’t there, you missed out, maybe we’ll have another fest in the Spring.

People, stop spray-painting your tapes. It gums up the reels and they don’t play right.

You know, cassettes taught me to listen to albums. I was an ’80s kid, and at first, I played my dad’s records on my dad’s stereo, but in those days once you were old enough to get your own music apparatus for your own room, you got a radio/cassette boom box. Then when I got a little older and started driving, the car had a tape player too. And the thing about tapes that I never thought to mention before, was that they’re the only physical medium (well other than 8-tracks but come on) that picks up where you left off if your listening gets interrupted. You can literally take the tape you were listening to in the car, bring it in the house and put it on the stereo, and already be right at the spot you left off at in the album. That’s kind of special and no one ever brings it up.

I want to remind you all that I still also have lots of these Perfect Villain and Ak’Chamel tapes and for real you should have them. Hopefully when I post this I’ll update the catalog page too, I’ve “sold out” (read: given away the last couple copies because I was sick of looking at them) quite a few things.

I want to release more Iowa artists. People I know in person. I also want to waste less time on Facebook, but some of the artists I’ve released, that’s the only place they know how to get hold of me. Hey, I’m on Ello too. and Wire. and Secret. and Instagram. Of course Twitter. It’s not like I’m hard to track down.

Here’s to more cool sounds in our futures.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. I've been weird all my life. It's my time to shine.

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