After accidentally blowing off a couple people seeking to send me releases because I didn’t want to answer until I could answer thoughtfully and then got busy with other shit instead and forgot about it, and feeling overwhelmed with the Centipede Farm release backlog for like well over a year now, I must make this announcement.

The Centipede Farm is not accepting submissions until further notice. If ever.

“The Centipede Farm” started out as just a name that came out of an internal joke about my old house in Waterloo. I used it as the name of this website and started doing some music blogging, reviewing various stuff. Then I started using it as a label name to put on homemade releases of my own music. So as far as being a label goes, The Centipede Farm’s original mission was to put out my own stuff. Maybe some other stuff, if I decided to.

My interests shifted, I got back into more experimental music and started networking with a lot of awesome artists online. Pretty soon a few were asking if I’d put tapes out. I was glad to because they were making awesome stuff. It snowballed and I found even more artists to get excited about making tapes for. And it has been a pretty cool ride that way for quite a while now.

But along the way, I stopped working on my own stuff. Every time I found some time to work on some music, it constantly ended up being someone else’s: there was always another J-card to lay out, more tapes to dub and assemble and fold and mail to people and try to promote a little. And more and more emails from interesting artists inquiring if I’d be up for putting out their stuff too, and I’m not good at saying no to people especially when I like what they’re doing. As a result of all this, the output of Distant Trains and my other projects suffered. There was less and less of it and increasingly what I did put together was rushed and not as good as I felt I could do if only I could have given it more attention. This has been eating at me for well over a year now. So I’m taking this step for the sake of my own art, because if I don’t, the combined demands of The Centipede Farm and my jobby-job and fambly are going to continue to squeeze it out of the picture and I’ll only feel more and more frustrated about doing stuff for the label when I ought to be excited about it.

If you’re an artist I’ve already worked with before, I intend to keep working with you as much as feasible. Otherwise though, let’s be frank, I’m online checking out experimental and noise artists so much just to have stuff to listen to at work that at this point if I want to release something, I can name a half dozen artists off the top of my head who I’d gladly ask myself. Plus I’d like to swing the label towards more focus on artists from Iowa and the Midwest and others I’ve actually met in person.

The double-cassette Iowa compilation that’s been in the works forever, “All Iowa Noise Insurgency: The Early Years” is inches away from a release and I’m so relieved and excited for that. If the covers get printed, Perfect Villain’s tape will be out this weekend when they play here in Des Moines (that’s been the plan but I’m already super anxious about how short on time it is now). I’ll also be putting out a tape of some legendary previously-unreleased jams by Des Moines ambient electronica duo Blutiger Fluss. And I think there may be one or two others I’ve declared intent to do. After that though, if anyone messages me on Facebook asking if I might do a tape for them, I’m just going to link them to this post. Meanwhile, I’m going to get my head back in the writing and playing and recording, and then we’ll just see where the Centipede Farm goes from there.

Thanks to everybody.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. I've been weird all my life. It's my time to shine.

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