Supplies are running low, and I am glad of this. More tapes going out to more people. Making room for the new stuff I’ve been working on but that has been delayed by holidays and financial situations but is finally starting to move.

I’ve still got a few copies of this Mahler Haze stuff. Really a fantastic synth drone/space music artist based in Belgium who I am really trying to do my part to turn people on to here in the states. I have the “Lupus Dei” cassette on Centipede Farm, and I also have some distro copies of the “Final Vapour” CD and am anticipating receiving some of the new “Coming Events Cast Their Shadow Before” CD as well. This is epic stuff, guys. Get a taste at Mahler Haze’s Soundcloud if you like.

If you’re after one of the following, however, you will have to act fast (figures do not include what few single copies might still be found at ZZZ Records)…

Only 2 left each of:

  • Ghosts Of Dead Tables/Bonehole split tape
  • Raven “Atomic Garden”
  • mascara “Budapest/Chicago”

Only 1 left each of:

  • mascara/Consciousness Prism “This Time I Really Mean It” split tape
  • Molting “Insanity”

The Molting tape will receive a digital release on bandcamp as soon as that last copy is gone.

moulttrigger’s “Birds” has also gotten a very good response, I am down to 3 copies of it and am considering making it the first Centipede Farm release to get a 2nd edition. The Mahler Haze tape might too.

I’m also rather light on some my own material these days, apart from the Distant Trains/Squeegeed Clean split lathe and the Captain Three Leg/Distant Trains split 3″ CD-R, both of which I stil have quite a few of — but not much on cassette. Luckily I have finally finished the recording of the next Distant Trains tape “Explortation”. More details in a minute.

We also have some fine wares made by some good friends, and even those are starting to get low in supply here:

Distro — only 2 left of:

  • Lovebrrd/Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge split tape [Lava Church]
  • Lovebrrd “Jodocus” [Lava Church]
  • Lovebrrd “Morning Sickness” [Lava Church]
  • Distant Trains/BBJr “Sacrosanct Blues” split tape [Personal Archives]
  • BBJr “An Unforgivable Xmas” [Personal Archives]

Distro — only 1 left of:

  • Lovebrrd+Durastatic “There Are No Laptops On This Album” [Lava Church]
  • “Death Season” compilation CD-R [Darker Days Ahead]
  • Centipede Farmer+Hal McGee “A Series of Lifestyle Circumstances” microcassette collab [Haltapes]
  • The Glimmer Blinkken “Blank & Blissed Out” [Personal Archives]
  • The Glimmer Blinkken “Tinker Shop///Wood Shed” [Personal Archives]
  • Floating Cave “Strip the Lights” [Personal Archives]
  • BBJr “Phosphene” [Personal Archives]
  • BBJr//KM/MC/TR “On & On We Sing Our Song” split tape [Personal Archives]

For details/descriptions of any of this stuff see the catalog page.

To buy and/or download Centipede Farm stuff go to the bandcamp site, or you can pick up any of this on the Storenvy store.

Or you can just email & paypal me directly if you’re the negotiating sort or would like to do a trade. I like trades. In fact, I happened to pick up an extra copy of the self-titled Tires tape on Warm Gospel via trade (turned out I had already ought one at one of their gigs) so I’m offering it up for the asking via trade. Tires is a really cool loopy-noisy instrumental rock band from around Des Moines here and they’re on tour right now with Is Home Is (formerly known as The Olsen Twinns). Should you happen to see that they are playing in your town I highly advise you check it out.

I don’t know if Michael is going to make any more copies of the Centipede Farmer/Koobaatoo Asparagus “Royal With Cheese” split 3″ CD-R but I don’t have any left but you should download it regardless because it’s pretty neat. While you’re at it, download the Dick Grifter EP too, it’s some sweet basement jams by me and Matt from Stratum.

So now that the current crop of stuff is disappearing, what’s next from the Farm? Well I had a bunch of stuff that I’ve kind of sat on for a few months sorry to say, but I’m ready to get moving on them. The next few:

  • mhz_ “S-Rated”
  • Abortus Fever “Injury Metabolism”
  • Consciousness Prism “Nexus”
  • Rantau Ranjau/L’Eclipse Neue “Seeds of Sickness”
  • Distant Trains “Explortation”

And after those, in no particular order:

  • Third I “Glitch Pieces”
  • Raven “Give Blood For Oil”
  • Nyhos “walking and chanting / Brainwaves/Five Elements”
  • SBDD “Bunga Astral”

Also real possibilities are something with BBJr, something with I Like You Go Home, a Distant Trains field-recording-based collab with Frank Goshit, some other Distant Trains release made up from the pile of stuff I am amassing, and a gem dredged up from the distant past called Cottonwood.

If you’ve read this far, you truly deserve a reward, so here it is: I have many of these padded envelopes that very conveniently fit three tapes if you shimmy them in sideways very carefully. And because I really want to get you into this Mahler Haze stuff, Until the end of January (or if I run out of them — I currently have five), if you order any other two cassettes, including distro stuff, shipped anywhere in the US, and you put the word “COSMIC” in the message box (on paypal or whatever), I will throw in a copy of Lupus Dei for free. Serious. (Unless you already have “Lupus Dei”, then let me know and we can work out something else)

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