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All Iowa Noise Insurgency 2xC-47 compilation

All manner of noise and experimental sounds from Iowa and nearby –this compilation, being put together with help from Personal Archives, Noisy Arcade, Navonski, and Warm Gospel, is currently taking submissions! So far we have tracks by Boar, ARUBBJr, Moulttrigger, Fecal Treat, mediumPENIS, Stepfather, and Underwater Escape From The Black Hole. Juxwl, Navonski, I Like You Go Home, and Distant Trains are expected. We need you! If you’re a sound explorer from in or near Iowa, email me at centipedefarmer at gmail with the following:

  • your track in lossless format (WAV or FLAC) or a link to download same, or you can get my mailing address and send me CD-R or cassette)
  • a 4″ x 2 1/2″ black-and-white graphic for the accompanying booklet with any artwork, song title, contact info, whatever
  • your mailing address so I can send you one when they’re out
  • name of the county in Iowa you live in or closest to
  • length limit is “don’t be a dick” and deadline is “when we run out of space”

Various Artists “Poetry on CD” CD-R

Speaking of compilations currently taking submissions, we’re looking for recordings of original poetry for this co-release with Sara Sci-Fi (Mascara)’s Philosophy Records. For more details, go here.

Moulttrigger “Anode” C-60

Dave Wren is back with more crunchy crusty-rusty lo-fi industrial consumer electronics. Casio and shortwave radio never sounded so gritty as in the hands of the mighty Moulttrigger. This one’s been kind of a long time coming, but well worth it.

The Big Drum In The Sky Religion / Distant Trains vs. Frank Goshit split C-64

The great Frank Goshit (of Gocharge Records and countless shitnoise projects, not to mention a sometime member of noisecore legends Deche-Charge) sent me a recording of him feeding his chickens and talking about roosters fighting. Then Brown Hat got in touch about doing a split, to my great honor. So I made this soundscape. Still haven’t heard the BDSR side yet but they’re a can’t-miss.

Raven vs. Antopik “[Psychotronic Weapons]” C-62

Collaboration between French dark ambient artist Antropik and one of our favorite Serbian noise freaks. Cold drones about psychic warfare. Get a listen:

Captain Three Leg “Coming Up Short” EP

New territory for us, a cassette entirely of “short song” punk/grind/noiecore covers from Ottumwa, Iowa’s venerable grind experimenters. If you have even the slightest interest in dirty-ass grind/noisecore and aren’t yet up on the activities of Andy and his cohorts — including Captain Three Leg, Big Fist Johnny, The Mighty Accelerator, Billy Crystal Meth, and the famous Mortville Noise label — now is as good a time as any to check it out.

mhzesent/oqsk split C-46

Michal may have retired the name/project mhz_ (we still have some copies of “S-Rated”!) but he’s not out of the game completely — rather he’s moved into more of an abstract hip-hop instrumental direction. Tuff beats and spacey dubby sounds and ambient weirdness all over this split tape with a considerably more noise-ambient thing called oqsk that I literally know absolutely nothing about. Chill and grooving as fuck.

Roadside Picnic “Magpies and Lies” C-68

Another very active noise great has wandered onto the Farm with some stuff they’re looking to have put onto tapes and it’s Justin Wiggan of the fabulous Roadside Picnic. Dude has been on a roll lately and we’re glad to be part of that roll with a couple long harsh-drone noise pieces.

Other stuff we’re thinking about:

Distant Trains “Black Weekend” C-60: I am kind of hoping for another label to pick this up, as it seems to be both “the thing to do these days” and “something I’m very much in favor of” for artists, at least in noise and experimental circles, to work with a bunch of different labels, and Distant Trains could stand to branch out a bit, plus the fact that I’m not too great at cover art. “Black Weekend” is built around several tracks recorded on or near or about various holidays, but worked into my sort of sympathetic swipe at current hipster occult/satanism trends. If you’d like a listen to it first, email me and I’ll send you a link to an mp3 version. If no one jumps at it by the fall I’ll put it out myself.

Noring/Wren/Hoffman ???: I had the pleasure of hosting Dave Wren (Moulttrigger) and cassette-scene legend Brian Noring in my home recently and we recorded some pretty killer improvisations. A healthy chunk of it seems worth releasing but at this time we have no name nor titles.

Cottonwood “Crooked Houses/Montana Roadways” C-96: Expansive guitar do improvisations recorded in 1995 by my friends Dan and Jim way back before we ever met.

Various Artists “A Documentary of Women in Experimental Music” CD-R A net-release on Philosophy Records from last year, Sara asked if I’d be up for doing a CD-R run and I’m pretty seriously considering it.

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