Metek is the musical works of Fredrik Nilsson of Sweden. The newly ventured netlabelish aspect of The Centipede Farm proudly presents this digital release of “My Ordinary Life”. We asked him some questions about it too:

CF: How long have you been doing this kind of music? Have you had other projects or bands you’ve been involved in?

M: yes yes . I had a broken taperecorder I use to play around with when I was only 10 years … I recorded animals at wong speed at the farm where I grew up .. 

CF: You described the piece as being about “my struggle … and the extremeness I feel”. And yet the title, “My Ordinary Life” seems to contradict the idea of extremeness. Do you mean to say that extremeness is ordinary for you?

M: yes I am extreme . I have an extreme way to experience the world around me . I have a extreme way to express myself but that is my everyday so I guess its normal for me and ofcours other people who experience things the same way.

CF: are you able to elaborate on that extremeness and struggle and how it influences your music and this piece in particular?

M: hmm dont really understand this question but I try to answer anyway .. I think evolve all the time both as a human being and as a musichian .. I try to find new was to express myself as dynamic and multifaceted as possible .. I see myself doing that the same way I develop as a musichian

Also keep on the lookout for upcoming Metek split releases with Jan-Morten Iversen, Josef Nadek, and Thirdorgan, and Nilsson’s dark ambient project with Bian, M.v.B, coming soon on Deadtones Records.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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