Ira’s Drug Arts venture has been kicking out some cool jams these days, especially if you like rhythmic space out while you dance electronic industrial stuff. There are newfangled subsubgenres for this kind of thing but I’m fuzzy on them (“drag”?). Black Rabbit is Christopher Padula, who you might otherwise know from his awesome hazy shoegazey lo-fi dream-pop outfit Thunder Bunny. Where Thunder Bunny is all blurry guitars and ethereal melodies, however, Black Rabbit is more about hypnotic instrumentals of scrunchy synthesizers and hard edges with wild panning tricks and rhythms deliberately allowed to fall just a hair out of sync just to mess with your head. Copy on the bandcamp page for Shadow Puppet describes it as “like a woozy non-vocal cousin to Iggy Pop’s The Idiot, if Iggy’s backing band was Coil” and that’s pretty well right on, I don’t know if I can improve on it. Download for $3 or a little more if you feel generous.

Pythias Braswell: Thy Merciful Teeth

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Various Artists: "P.S. Your Band Sucks!"

Published on February 03, 2018