So alright some of you could say that I’m writing about this compilation (out today via Workerbee Records) because I’m on it.  This would be fair enough to say.  You could also think that I’m writing about this compilation because my good friend Chucky here is also on this marvelous piece of downloadable ether.  This as well would be a fair judgment.

The truth is actually I’m writing about this because it a free downloadable compilation featuring Poison Control Center, Christopher the Conquered, Nate Logsdon, Land of Blood and Sunshine, The Gold Hearts, Mantis Pincers, Diamonds For Eyes, Slut River, The Golden Veins, White Flashes, Sudden and Suttle, and everybody’s least favorite band in the world The Cryogenic Strawberries.

Hell being honest with all of you, the moment that cemented my desire to start making music and distributing it locally was seeing Poison Control Center play Veshia at one of their earliest shows.  So the fact that not only am I on this compilation I’m on it with them and a bunch of the other bad assed Iowa musicians is not something that I take lightly.  This compilation is spectacular, give it a download and tell me that I’m selling you snake oil.

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