It’s been my great honor to be requested by the great Michael Scott of Koobaatoo Asparagus to do a split-release, and of course as you probably know I like to make my splits a bit incongruous so that folks familiar with the artist are likely to be getting something they won’t expect. I got downright tonal on this track and made it one of many pieces I’ve recorded over the years that I file in a mental category marked for my warped version of jazz, especially when drawing on my neglected trumpet skills as I did here. Mike likewise pulled out all the stops to contribute one of his lovely feedbacky space-noise pieces. He billed me as Centipede Farmer on the cover and made “Distant Trains” part of the song title as it’s listed on the back, but that’s fine by me, plenty of people know me by the name Centipede Farmer, I’m not real picky what people call me as long as I can tell when it’s me they’re talking about. So I’ve got a couple copies for sale and Mike says he’ll be sending me more eventually once he buys some more discs.

And incidentally, I feel the need to mark this morning’s passing of jazz pianist & composer Dave Brubeck, a man with an interesting legacy to say the least, I’d reckon his influence stretches even into math rock today. I got into his stuff years ago when I picked up a few really old 45s of him at a local record store in Cedar Falls on a whim, took them home, played them, loved the hell out of them. As jazz stuff goes he’s maybe on the more buttoned-down end of what I’m into but his stuff always makes me feel good, and it got me digging back into jazz again after having mostly forgotten about it since high school. I pulled those records out again today to give them a listen to mark the occasion, and “The Song Is You” from Jazz Goes To College Vol. II is winding up as I type these words. A true original and just a real cool spirit finishes up a pretty kickass life on Earth.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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