Sorry for the lazy lack of descriptive text on my recent couple new releases. Life and work stress got in the way of writing for a little bit. I did manage these good descriptions of these releases for the catalog page though:

MAHLER HAZE “LUPUS DEI” C-62 Total Kosmische synth worship from Belgium. Spend a stunning hour in outer space. Seriously great. $5

GHOSTS OF DEAD TABLES/BONEHOLE SPLIT C-62 Oldschool basement feedback destruction meets a gorgeous and multifaceted half-hour noise/collage piece. Mellow harshness to harsh your mellow. $5

Short but sweet. I promise, I have a couple pretty epic blog posts coming up soon, especially one about the Zeitgeist noise festival that took place a week ago tonight up in Boone and how awesome it was. Otherwise, though, words have mostly failed me of late. I fared a tad better with these descriptions:

CAPTAIN THREE LEG/DISTANT TRAINS SPLIT 3″ CD-R What, C3L noises and DTs grinds? Is this real life? 8 untitled tracks of electronic drone and splutter originally recorded for Captain Three Leg’s split tape with Homogenized Terrestrials in 1997 and two new bedroom tracks from Distant Trains, yet another tribute to Minneapolis in sound collage form and a wacked loogie of drummachinecore. Available on 3″ CD-R sandwiched between two miniaturized pictures of Mike Hoff paintings in an edition of 50. A testament to the pointlessness of the universe. $3

MOULTTRIGGER “BIRDS”Dave Wren of Des Moines is moulttrigger and “Birds” is his latest opus, built entirely from bird samples, via the National Geographic Guide to Bird Sounds, manipulated and mangled and arranged every which way into various emotional messes. Loopy, droney, noisy, featuring a healthy dose of big low-end rumbles and packed with audio treats for both headphone and speaker listening.$5

“Birds” isn’t Dave’s “latest” opus anymore now, but it’s still a great one. He’s got releases out on Personal Archives and Mute Ant now too. Seriously, you should get all of them.

I’m really into the sounds on all these releases and how they turned out physically as well, quite proud of them. The Ghosts Of Dead Tables/Bonehole, being a split between two artists neither of which is myself, I split the copies three ways between myself and the two artists, so I don’t have many and they’re going fast, so if you want one, get at me! You can e-mail me at centipedefarmer at gmail dotcom. I can also be Paypal’d there, or you can use the bandcamp or storenvy, links to which are in the sidebar over to the right there. Bandcamp gives you a download on the spot though, which is extra cool.

Speaking of running low on things, I’m down to my last copy of this:

MOLTING “INSANITY” 30 minutes of nasty harsh noise fun from one of today’s up-and-coming princes of A.D.D. distortionmongering. $4

“Insanity” currently does not exist in any downloadable form, though we plan to put it up on the Bandcamp once the tape’s sold out. If you’ve been thinking about picking up this tape, you’d better do it fast.

Speaking of downloading my stuff on Bandcamp though, a couple of my older releases have recently sold out, so download is all you get now. I no longer have physical copies of the following, but a couple of them that weren’t downloadable before are now! Name your price, even if that price is zero!

I’ve been getting all kinds of opportunities to get on some really great releases, and really looking forward to bringing them to y’all. mhz_, Abortus Fever, Consciousness Prism, Third I, Nyhos, and there’s definitely more I’m forgetting. So stay in touch.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. I've been weird all my life. It's my time to shine.

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