I don’t usually go on at length about packaging, but this one seems notable if only for the fact that I very nearly threw the item away mistaking it for part of the packing material used for mailing another disc that came with it. The CD-R and its sleeve are pasted between two outsize squares of corrugated cardboard with circles impressed into them. On one side is painted/inked/? the lightning bolt squiggle turning the circle into an approximation of the BDiitSR logo behind the number 999, and the other six horizontal lines alternating broken and unbroken a la the I Ching.

So what’s it like musically? The central element seems to be a little girl reading the Book of Revelations in Spanish. Behind this, an sometimes nearly drowning it out, there’s a noise loop that sounds sort of like a toy race car or a vacuum cleaner zooming by very fast; it sometimes alternates channels, and keeps gradually swelling up and down in volume, while off in the corner an old upright piano tools along, sometimes back-masked, and someone is insistently banging sleigh bells with a stick. All of this goes on, pretty much in a constant loop, for 79 minutes and 10 seconds, either because that’s close to the capacity of a CD-R or because that’s how long it takes the girl to read all of Revelación. If this sounds to you like it probably overstays its welcome, you may well have a point. After a while it sort of just becomes a hypnotic or meditative backdrop to whatever else you’re doing or thinking, which may well be the intent, given the project’s “post-modern shamanism” concept.

The handwritten liner notes on my copy give it as number 10 of an edition of 15, so who knows if they have any left. This is one of the more difficult BDitSR recordings of I’ve heard, to be sure, but if it seems even a little like the sort of thing that would interest you (it does me, or at the very least the overall BDitSR body of work does), I would recommend taking a stroll through their website where you should be able to find some contact info and I do believe I saw a link there to a download as well.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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