Happy Fathersbirthday to me! Blush-inducing paragraphs on Distant Trains, Fetal Pig, and Molting today over at The One True Dead Angel. And that Ron Anderson/Robert L. Pepper/David Tamura/Philippe Petit joint he talks about at the top? I totally concur, that thing jams. Highly recommend it.

Might have a split tape with somebody coming out on Bob Bucko Jr’s Personal Archives label. I was hoping to get the spot opposite I Like You Go Home, but as it turns out Aural Resuscitation Unit deservedly got that honor. I bet that tape will rule, I want one. But now it will be a surprise who I end up on the flip side of!

I did a “Musician Dads” interview for QRD and a crazy in-depth discussion of Minnesota Is Uncivilized for Gajoob.

Hal McGee is doing a series of cassette compilations called Connection Cassette. The first one has a pretty cool Distant Trains noise track on it that I barely even remember recording. There are three out, the fourth in the works, the first two are also on Hal’s bandcamp but I’m still trying to find a link to help you get them on tape. I hope to collect ’em all, like Pokemon.

Ira Rat is going to be on this Iowa Unsigned radio show tonight talking about Neon Lushell. Stupid site doesn’t say what time it comes on though, or it’s buried somewhere. Maybe you should just tune to 105.1 and leave it on all day.

We have a couple really great new releases in the works, too: Mascara returns on a split with Consciousness Prism, and we’ve got something from the incomparable Raven. And a couple other things possible and an idea or two I’m kicking around.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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