So I get that this is the kind of stuff that is being called “HNW” (for “harsh noise wall”) online these days. Glad to have a term for it now. Molting caught my interest with a series of YouTube videos of various noise pieces with lengthy, gory titles. Especially memorable was one that was something to the effect of “amplified sounds of slugs dying from having salt poured on them” or something like that. What was great was, the track actually sounded like what I would imagine that sound to be. Anyway Eric of Marax apparently was also intrigued by what Moe was doing, which incidentally fits quite nicely alongside the harsher end of Marax‘s work, and following a split 3″, issued this Molting full-length CD-R on his Muchausen Sound label. As always, the track titles make interesting reading, but equally interesting is the range of textures within the general neighborhood of “blasting harsh distortion” that Molting explores here. This is dark, ugly harsh noise, built on overloaded circuits, feedback, and effects manipulations through a DIY methodology, in the classic vein of The Earwigs, Raised In Meat, Sonic Disorder, etc., but especially inhuman and brutal, influenced by the aesthetic of grindcore and gore. “Disheveled Planet” as an album has a unifying concept, with most tracks (except for perhaps the relatively whimsical “Makeshift Transistor CB Radio”) aiming at a sonic depiction of their titular images of  man-made environmental destruction. “Industrial Waste Devastation Of An Amphibial Habitat” might trick you into thinking it’s a hissy cassette recording but the tape-hiss-like sound turns out to be an integral instrument of the piece, underlying the feedback and distorted low destructive percussion sounds and the strangled vocal moans expressing the pain of the sickened and dying animals. “Human Waste Clogging The Bowels Of The Sewer” alternates a sludgy low-pitched noise with a higher one, with reverb that sounds like the inside of a sewer culvert, and finally a white-noise waterfall pouring from the drain into a stinking, polluted river. “Sounds Of The Apocalypic Void” leaves us off in a less assaultive mode, a deep, ominous ambient sound that cuts off abruptly. [get here]

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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