Neon Lushell Modern Purveyors of Filth and Degradation (in a Time of Peace and Understanding) Brian Pitt describes his dreams and rants like a madman into a phone and Ira Rat builds haunting ambient stuff around it. I talked this outfit up a bit in 2011 and just generally tried to keep everyone apprised of their activities because I dig this.

Godstopper Empty Crawlspace I often wonder if genuinely scary guitar rock is even possible anymore, but then I listen to this. Good lord this is some creepy, ugly, queasy, discordant shit that genuinely sounds like the product of profoundly depraved individuals operating out of somewhere completely cut off from polite society. After a 2010 demo they put these 4 songs out on cassette, which I never managed to get hold of, played some shows, then apparently put the download up for free and forgot to update their website ever again some time around March.

Asian Women on the Telephone ICanT Different in feel from Freedom As Mama Told Me, still consisting mainly of longish jams but in a more digestible quantity, and of a rather darker tone, more electronics and chanting, less hyperactive shouting. A bit like early Cabaret Voltaire or Excepter.

Kiwi Pizza Mary Ann (In A Courtyard) Joel ex-The Teddy Boys does his own sweet sunny pop thing. Now I’m itching for the summer to come back so I can put this on the stereo.

Squeegeed Clean Fake Sun Ra Bootleg Australian improv noise-jazz-prankster collective headed up by Skot Schtikla otherwise known for his involvement in/with Vocaularinist, TK Bollinger, and the operatic black/doom/gothic metal project Mekigah. Their second full-length, the first having been a reissue of two previous EPs, presents four extended pieces of madness. The sounds are a good analogue to the hyperactive collage cover art. If there’s a running theme, it would seem to have something to do with fake animals. The most Sun Ra-ish moment is the drifting space jazz wreckage that is “It’s Just A Placenta For An Artificial Dinosaur”; “Unexistant Sliming Rang” starts out with organ, electro drum machine, and moany vocals before spiraling off into la-la land becoming something akin to Can’s “Peking O.” I think the M.O. of this group is to record some jams, let the tapes sit a couple years, then break them back out and overdub more jam along to them. It’s unclear throughout which sounds are products of synthesizers, samplers, or regular instruments, and I really like it when that happens.

Anthrax Worship Music I am probably always going to love Anthrax no matter what they do, but this album is more than good enough that I don’t need to defend them. And it’s definitely exciting that Joey Belladonna is back. At their best, Anthrax excel at mixing heavy and catchy, and they definitely pull it off here.

Black Pyramid II The final word from Black Pyramid’s original lineup; epic battle doom packed with gorgeous long instrumental passages. This album is awesome, definitely a 2011 favorite. Reviewed it on The Bone Reader just the other day.

Looking forward to: Ufomammut

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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