There’s this Facebook group called The Contact Group Of Homemade Experimental Electronic Music And Noise. (I propose that the acronym “CGHEEMN” be pronounced like “schemin’”). It is by far the most kick-ass online musician community I have ever been involved in. Usually these kind of forums just degenerate to people self-promoting posting links to their shit but not really participating or reading or responding to what anyone else is saying. On CGHEEMN there’s quite a bit of that too, but there’s enough great conversation and real involvement and community that it actually drowns that stuff out. I think noise musicians and software developers are on the forefront of culture right now. In this group we’re constantly discussing the things that hit the really big questions like just what the hell art is anyway, and we have big laughs doing it. I’m quite honored to be included among this bunch.

Here’s where the real win is for musicians being active on social media: just go on there and be your own interesting self. Have fun and look to meet interesting people. We’re at a point in the developed Western world, the 20th century corporatist mass-media hangover, where we’ve become conditioned to what the proper “professional” way to present oneself is, but at the same time we are completely anesthetized, from overexposure, to that “professional” style when it’s used on us. We’re genuinely surprised and delighted when someone talks to us like a person. Isn’t that sad? So now businesses and artists alike think they need “social media experts” (read: douchebags with no real job skills) to tell us how to do what boils down to just fucking acting like human beings. Here’s how you do it: quit trying to put up a fucking front all the time. People are desperately seeking a break from being talked to the way a company does. If there’s one place they rightly ought to be able to find that, it’s music.

Plus, if you’re a performing musician/band, get shows and then play the hell out of every one of them. That creates more, and more lasting, “buzz” than any bullshit media hype.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. I've been weird all my life. It's my time to shine.

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