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Seattle self-described “disco garage” (that description actually fits quite well!) duo Pony Time pony up six more nuggets of raw bouncy pop-punk fun on this EP available on CD, vinyl, or download from Per Se Records. Some of these could credibly be misrepresented as obscure Buzzcocks covers. There’s a bit of homage to the innocence and fun of 1960s garage/beach rock and roll going on, such as on “Ex-Girlfriend Beach” and “Lori and Judy”, but always with just a slight sinister undercurrent courtesy of that grimy bass sound. The new wave pops up on “Gary Numan”, propelled by its very apropos approximation of an electro-disco beat, and the dark sci-fi closer “Interzone” which manages to evoke spy-movie surf-rock entirely without presence of a non-bass guitar. Only quibble I might have is that I keep hearing some really great backup vocals in my head that I wish were actually there. Maybe some theremin too. This disc is a blast all the way through. After it finishes I usually just want to let it play over again.

Pony Time – Bad Behavior [LIVE] from Per Se Records on Vimeo.

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Charlie Schiz
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