poopsicle greatest shits coverA compilation by the short-lived DIY label started by The Eggnogs, which besides this only ever put out Eggnogs stuff and the Rianisis CD The Binocular Twist as far as I know (Rianisis being the solo recording project of Frodoe bassist Ryan Hutchinson). The title was suggested by my good friend Noel Isley. An interesting slice of late-’90s eastern Iowa rock. Tracks by The Eggnogs, Speed Of Sauce, Rianisis, A Is Jump, Autocrash, Jacob Mathis, WorstCaseScenario, Volumen, Fear Of Falling, The Bassturd, Frodoe, Vernon, Shane & Doug, Lunastar, No Consensus, Polyorchidman, Rusty Metal Primer, and a couple extra bonus bits of fun.

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Pythias Braswell: Thy Merciful Teeth

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Various Artists: "P.S. Your Band Sucks!"

Published on February 03, 2018