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I’ve written a bit here about the renewed interest I’ve been experiencing of late in the people and sounds of the 1990s home-tape/lo-fi/music/noise(core) scene and as it turns out I’m not alone. Social media has brought me back into contact with many of its key people and bunches of them are still making interesting music or noise to this day. Brian Noring himself seems to mostly stay out of that stuff, but a Facebook group called The F.D.R. Recordings and Brian Noring Tribute Page, set up to disseminate and exchange information, discussion, and reminiscences on the music of Brian Noring, has lately shown signs of sprouting a resurgence of mail-based trading in the homemade experimental musical arts. In that sprit, even though I have a lot of my own output (and some merely related to me by friendship) available online (such as on my bandcamp page and the Ragman Records Archive) I am strongly considering re-issuing certain items on CD-R for mail-order/trade.

So here’s a file of mp3s from an old tape that I actually have gotten permission, for a change, to share here at the Farm, since I had already whipped up the 256Kbps files for my own personal use: a classic 1995 cassette release by some-say-legendary Des Moines home-recording/lo-fi/noise artist Brian Noring, one of many he created and released under the name E H I on his F.D.R. Recordings tape label. Brian, via a 1993 issue of a zine he did called Friends Of The Draft Resistance are primarily responsible for my adventures into the tape scene and noisecore everything related to that.

The music itself is some of the best lo-fi postindustrial music to come about in ye olde tape scene, ranging from harsh distortion noise to a kind of Casio take on industrial electronica. Check it out.

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