Make It Stop

Make It Stop cover

Make It Stop came my way via the noise tape underground. I first heard them via the inclusion of the track “Breadfuck” on the original Audio Terrorism compilation on Chaotic Noise Productions, an early incarnation of what is now CNP Records, home of such excellent noisy projects as Mutwawa, Bermuda Triangles, and Suppression. “Breadfuck” was easily my favorite track on Audio Terrorism, so I wrote the contact address listed for Make It Stop in the cover insert to see how I could get more of their stuff and told them how it reminded me of early Swans. Got back this tape and a note saying “thanks for the comparison to Swans, they rule!” and this tape became one of my all-time favorite and most-played musical possessions.

Apparently Make It Stop sent out quite a number of these, all with the same first 4 or 5 songs but the remaining content subject to some variation, sometimes including snippets from The Boredoms’ Pop Tatari. Make It Stop’s own stuff here is some great sludge-noise-rock with lo-fi 4-track production many of the tracks instrumental, other with vocals consisting of seemingly random series of spoken phrases; the conspicuous exception here being “Buzzfuck,” a sort of mystical stoner-doom tune with more traditional vocals/lyrics.

A download of a slightly different version of this tape is available over at Sluggisha but I think the sound is better on mine, which also has a couple more tracks on it. I later got a second Make It Stop tape that included the contents of their side of a split tape with Tub Of Noise, also available at Sluggisha, and which I highly recommend. Make It Stop’s tracks on it are even more trudging and fucked up, whereas Tub Of Noise is all tight, dissonant, and riffy like the best 90s AmRep/T&G style post-hardcore rock. In another twist of chronology, two of the songs from Tub Of Noise’s side were included in a mixtape that the Make It Stop folks included for me as the B side of this first Make It Stop tape; also in that mix were Breadwinner, Boil, Geezer Lake (whom I later managed to dig up two awesome full-length CDs of that I still like a lot), and Shiny Beast, which included some current member of Red Fang, who are playing here in Des Moines at House Of Bricks in a couple weeks. Perhaps I’ll put up that and some of the 2nd Make It Stop tape (which had some cool live stuff) in future posts.


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