the other Behemoth

There was this place in Cedar Falls we used to call The Boat House. The Boat House is actually the colloquial nickname for the North Shore Boat Club Beach House in Island Park, a little building on the river with some boat docks behind it that you could rent half of from the city for about fifty bucks during the warm parts of the year, and that was a common place to put on shows until it was badly damaged in the flooding of 2008 and torn down. Black Flag played there in ’86. In the mid and late 1990s, guys from a local band called Thinner used to book all kinds of really cool noisy-heavy bands to come play there. Iceburn played there a bunch of times. So did this band out of Minneapolis that called themselves Behemoth — not to be confused with the metal band, in fact I think they even modified their name to Bohemiath upon getting wind that the name was also claimed by a more famous band, but I also think that was about where the band started to fizzle out. This Behemoth was a power-trio with oddly detuned instruments that played a really unique style of heavy dissonant instrumental progressive rock. Their drummer was a guy named Chad who went on to play with Wrong for a bit, followed by The Gorge Trio, which I think involved some guys from Sicbay and maybe Dazzling Killmen, and who even later may have been involved with the Iceburn Collective, it’s hard to say and my memory of things could be scrambled.

To my knowledge, Behemoth only had one release and it was this five-song cassette. By the time I got around to buying one they had run out of cover inserts for them. This tape rip is taken from my copy and this stuff rules. I’ve never heard another band that sounds like this.


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