Music Of Amway Cover

Came across this at a thrift store some years ago. Amway and thing like it have been kind of an obsession of mine for many years, something I arrived at by finding lots of their tapes when mining thrift stores for sampling material. It was a big recurring theme/element in Flight Attendants, but before I found this I hadn’t realized that there was already such a thing as music about Amway.

The Sanborn Singers were a singing group of whom all members also happened to be Amway direct distributors and which performed at Amway conventions. My lazy-ass research (read: “Googling”) has uncovered one other album by them, 1969’s Sing Out For Free Enterprise, released a good eight years before the date on this tape. From the track listing it appears that this album may have reused a couple songs from the older album. Most of the Sanborn Singers’ repertoire on that album was old-fashioned standards and patriotic songs, but this one has more of their original Amway propaganda songs, which take up pretty much all of side A in fact, and are definitely what makes this worth your time. (Some other fun Amway sound bites can be found here.)


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