Coolzey has started a Kickstarter project to get a CD/DVD combo pressed of his 2010 online video-album, and one of my own favorite albums of the year, Coolzey and the Search for Hip Hop Hearts: He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper. If you missed out on it at the time, basically Zach released 12 songs, one a week, over the summer, each with beats made by a different producer/DJ, and each with a video produced by his Public School Records partner-in-crime Jason Hennesey. You can watch all the videos in The Search For Hip Hop Hearts and download the album from Free Music Archive — check the Coolzey page at the Public School Records website.

Here’s the official lowdown on the Kickstarter project from Coolzey’s email list:

I made this Kickstarter fund-raising page with the intentions of raising the money to create a DVD / CD combo of the remixed and remastered album Coolzey and the Search for the Hip Hop Hearts. We released the rough videos and songs on-line last summer, and I think most of you are familiar with the project. Please follow this link:

I have been urged to officially release this and make some copies, so that’s what this is about! There are also a bunch of other prizes for pledging certain amounts that I’m excited about, including show tickets, physical Coolzey albums and discographies, postcards, charcoal portraits, and more!

The standard thing that most of you who end up pledging will probably want to do is $25, which will basically be buying a copy of the DVD / CD combo plus postage and an extra little something personal. Please check out the other options though! You can pledge more or less if you’d like.

I have 1 month to raise $3000 for this, and if we don’t meet the goal, nobody will have their card charged, but we aniticipate that this shouldn’t be a problem. One month from today. Please do your best to pledge early on if you can, it really helps the momentum. Above all, I’m keeping this email brief, so please go check out the comprehensive link!

I’m rooting for this to happen… there’s only a little under a month left to go so I urge you all to head on over there and get in on it. If you put in $25 like I just did, you get a copy of the CD/DVD when it comes out; if you pledge more, Zach promises some pretty nifty extra rewards, and if you can’t quite manage $25, anything helps.

Update: here’s an embeddy widgety thing:

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