I never know how to deal with these situations where someone I barely knew but didn’t like very much dies and an outpouring of sincere sympathy emits from tons of people I like and/or respect who apparently liked them quite a bit. I didn’t know this dude and the only interaction I had with his band Woods Of Ypres left a sour taste. Maybe he was a super nice guy and just the rest of his band were dicks. Fetal Pig got booked to play a show with them at Vaudeville Mews, before which I’d never heard them. I downloaded their new album to get a feel for what we were in for and determined that it was a really well-done album, a bit overlong but full of really catchy songs, very radio and major-label ready, but I failed to see what was “black metal” or “doom metal” about it as stylistically it mostly sounded to me like the same old whiny petulant post-grunge Active Rock crap, but all that really only meant that it just wasn’t my kind of thing because the songs definitely were catchy and there were some pretty decent riffs too and I know tons of dudes who would have loved it and I really got the sense from listening to it that this band was right on the verge of a big-time breakthrough. Then they came and played the show and were totally unfriendly, completely ignored everybody and buried their faces in their laptops the whole time, started their ridiculously short set by announcing to to all in attendance “all right let’s get this shit over with!” and just generally acted like they were oh so put out to have to be playing this shitty gig for this small crowd in this redneck town. Then afterwards they put out a mean-spirited tour-diary video on YouTube bagging on my city and the bands that opened for them. Real fucking classy, Anyway, the founding mastermind of the band (and only original member, I believe) died a couple days ago at age 31 in some kind of accident. So that’s news. Rest in peace, guy I saw once; if there’s a life after this one I hope you’re happier in it and find better people to associate with there.

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Charlie Schiz
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