Disclaimer: this post is only about as serious as the video.

I’m pretty sure this video was inspired by me about two days ago. Apparently bartenders are some touchy motherfuckers who get pissed off over really trivial shit. Come on, man, the tape was two feet away. What else were you doing with it? Oh, sticking it on your face, well, obviously that’s much more important.

I mean, I don’t always or even usually forget to bring tape, but dude, sometimes shit happens. You mention all the other things a band has to do: gassing up the van, writing the songs, practicing, booking the gigs (not to mention lugging heavy equipment in/out/on/off of vans, stairs, doors, stages, etc). You fail to mention that we also have to do all that shit in addition to and around our day jobs. Whereas the bar is your job. We’re not even getting paid to play the fucking gig, and then we still have to get up and go to work in the morning.

Having all that to juggle is all the more reason why occasionally a detail like tape might get overlooked as we’re jetting out the door to try to get some posters hung up quick in the five minutes we can steal before we have to be somewhere else. We don’t expect to be resented for troubling our fellow man for a couple measly little pieces of tape. We thought we lived in a world where people are willing to help each other out with little things sometimes. So much for that famous Des Moines friendliness, I guess. Sorry I interrupted your sitting-around-magazine-reading.

Here’s an idea, bar: put up some fucking corkboard and keep a few pins stuck in it. Nobody bugging you for tape, plus your wall doesn’t end up looking like shit from old tape bits and fucked-up paint. Problem solved. Or you know, don’t be such a whiny pussy, that works too.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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