I could write about Askalndaganza, but I wasn’t there long. I wasn’t able to make it for the early-show portion, and then when I finally did get there was apparently the worst possible time. I arrived as Wolves In The Attic were striking their final chord. Minutes later it was 9:00, which at the Mews is normally the gap between the early all-ages show and the later 21+ show… last night they didn’t hustle the crowd out the door, but they did inexplicably retain the practice of the bar not serving from 9:00 to 9:30, despite the sizable crowd still in the place. So basically as soon as I got in the place, I had to stand around and wait before I could get a beer. Dan had left about that time to get Jasper and some of The Seed Of Something’s gear home and didn’t make it back for an hour or so, and Derek Lambert & The Prairie Fires didn’t get started until about 10:20. So all in all I pretty much stood around for an hour and a half with no one to talk to and nothing to do while Bob Nastanovich played records. There were acquaintances about, but I find conversation awkward at best with the vast majority of people, even ones I like. Bob played some good records of course. Whenever he does one of these DJ things there are certain songs he seems to strongly favor that happen to be some of my personal favorites, such as “Our Swimmer,” one of my favorite Wire songs, and a lot of stuff from New Order’s Power, Corruption, and Lies. All the same, I was bored out of my skull and the place kept getting more crowded and the crowd more annoying.

Derek Lambert & The Prairie Fires were great, though. This was their debut gig, but I recognized some songs from Derek’s recent acoustic lo-fi cassette/download album The Forest Floor. I like those songs, and the revved-up cowpunk arrangements the band gives them worked really well. Derek and the other guitar player even did a sweet harmonized lead or two. The drummer is Chris “Conquered” Ford, of whom the only complaint could be that his fills tend to rush a bit, and the bass player is that guy from the Atudes, who I know to be a genuinely good guy, pleasantly gregarious even, and really knows his way around a bass guitar, but is also the irritatingly overexuberant guy at a party who has to yell “WHOOOOO” every couple minutes, and that one guy in a band who mugs it up way too hard. But still, they rocked and I want to see them again. I finally found Dan after their set, we hung out and talked for a while, but the crowd was so wall-to-wall packed that I couldn’t stand being there and we both ended up going home. Apparently I’m getting old, or maybe it’s that I’ve always been a little less than easily sociable. So if you want an account from someone less jaded, socially awkward, or old and grumpy, you should head on over to Des Noise. It was a pretty sweet party, if you like that kind of thing.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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