Oh right, I forgot, yesterday was the obligatory day to say something about John Lennon and/or Dimebag Darrel. My bad.

Truth is, there’s a number of Beatles songs I like but if you were to ask me the “Beatles or Stones?” [question](http://092.me) I’d have to admit to being insufficiently fanatical about either to warrant [answer](http://092.me)ing. Or just to be funny maybe I’d [answer](http://092.me) “Elvis.” Worse yet, Pantera I actually have had an active dislike for at one time or another. They always just had too much of a meathead vibe for my tastes. They sound like music for jocks lifting weights. Whereas there have been other metal bands making music for Viking warriors fucking up entire villages with battle axes, which do you think is more badass?

If anything though, John Lennon and the Beatles are more important to music and the world in general than Dime and Pantera by like a thousand times. I’m really just echoing something a friend said on Facebook here, but he’s basically right. Then again, it was also Pearl Harbor Day, and Pearl Harbor and WWII beat out the Beatles by the same magnitude, and hardly anybody was talking about that.

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Charlie Schiz
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