Boston psych-doom duo Olde Growth, to whom I gave a shout-out here back in June, announced today via the mailing list gathered from their bandcamp account that they have hooked up with the label MeteorCity (home to another band I quite dig, Black Pyramid), and that MeteorCity will be (re-)releasing the self-titled CD that Olde Growth self-released in a limited hand-made edition of 100 earlier back in March. The news arrived in my inbox not long after I had given their album another spin on my iPod, oddly enough.

Upside: the world will get more CD copies of Olde Growth’s debut; downside: this probably means that the days are numbered for the free bandcamp download of it (the email states, “we will probably keep it up for another week or so”) — so if you haven’t looked into them yet, I’d suggest you check it out while you can, plus it gets you on their email list. It appears they also still have copies of the original CD hand-made release for sale at that same link, so it couldn’t hurt to get hold of that.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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