Lou Barlow is kind of one of my personal heroes. I love his songwriting, his voice, his distinctive bass playing in Dinosaur Jr., and just his general approach to his various musical projects, whether it be Sebadoh or Sentridoh or Folk Implosion or solo stuff or whatever. Dude keeps it real.

I’m pretty sure I drove right past him, walking down the street, crossing a bridge in Minneapolis, just after the Dinosaur Jr. show I went to up there a couple years ago, a block or two down the street from the venue. It sure looked like him. To this day one of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t stop the car and offer him a ride. If it was indeed him. I should have at least checked.

Anyway Lou’s got a new record out on Merge called “= Sentridoh III” that I’m really interested in, wherein he’s teamed up with The Missingmen, the same group of guys who have lately backed up another personal musical hero of mine, Mike Watt. I’m not sure if Watt is himself in involved with the project, how bad-ass would that be?

But in any case, what I’ve heard/seen of this sounds great. And what that is, is this free mp3 from Merge of the new EP’s re-make of the classic Sentridoh song “Losercore,” and this video for “On The Face”:

Lou Barlow + the missingmen – On The Face from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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