Just yesterday, I put out How To Decompose: The Best Of Exit Drills on Bandcamp. Exit Drills, originally named E.D.I.T.H., was a band I formed with Stacy Peck, Matt McGuire, and Josh Schneiderman in 1999. We had a nervy, angry noise-punk sound that’s still quite unlike anyone else I’ve heard, but if can imagine a cross between Mission Of Burma and Pussy Galore doing a snarky take on themes of paranoia and social disconnection, you might be in the general neighborhood.

So a couple years ago I thought it would be cool to compile an album of the best versions of as many Exit Drills songs as I could, pulling from various recordings, including live versions. A good chunk of this CD in fact comes from our set at a “battle of the bands” thing that The Reverb put on in March 2003, because I think we really nailed that set. The band lineup at that time was myself, Josh, and Peter Vanderwall, who some of you may remember as the drummer of A Is Jump before Phil Sterk. In Exit Drills, he was on bass. So I selected tracks, burned up a few CD-Rs and printed some covers, thought I’d put them in with my own CDs on the merch table at my shows.

Well now you can get it as a download. As with all my stuff that I put out on Bandcamp for download, it’s a name-your-own-price deal with no minimum, which basically implies that it’s free (just enter 0 for the price) unless you just happen to be feeling generous. However, be advised that any money you put in there goes straight to me personally. It might pay my web hosting bills, I might buy beer with it. If by some weird trick of fate it starts selling like mad, then I’d have to start thinking about Stacy’s cut, and Josh’s, and Peter’s, and Matt’s, and Kevin’s, and Aaron’s.

Every member of Exit Drills or E.D.I.T.H. during its history is heard on here somewhere. There are tracks from our very first show, and one from our very last. There are tracks from the recordings we did with Brian Cox in Cedar Rapids, one that we recorded with Joe Terry of The Poison Control Center (who started out with an actual poison-control-center theme similarly to how Exit Drills started out with a fire-safety theme, by the way), some of our own homestyle recordings, and a whole lot of stuff off of board tapes from gigs.

While you’re over there, you may want to check out my solo stuff too. Both of them include some remakes of songs that Exit Drills did first.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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