If you spent any time in the Iowa indie-rock scene between about 1997 and 2005, you’ve probably been wondering for the past couple years, “Whatever happened to A Is Jump?” Maybe you thought they had disappeared completely. You probably remember them holing up in a house in Waterloo, ostensibly to work on a new album, only to be disappointed when no new album came and the band members instead moved away to parts unknown.

Well today I got this delightful little mp3 attached to an email from lead singer/guitarist Brad Brandhorst:

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Right away I had to track down Brad by IM and ask him about it. Turns out Brad, Cory, and Ryan merely moved to the vicinity of Chapel Hill, SC but A Is Jump has continued (they still have a MySpace page by the way). According to our IM conversation, this track is just a rough mix, but A Is Jump is indeed very much alive, and with Casey Averill, whom you’ll remember from another bright-shining Iowa band Vernon, on drums. Quoth Brandhorst:

none of the other guys have heard it yet. i know ryan will complain that his guitar is too loud … this mp3 is my attempt to get all viral to let people know that we still are alive … i’ve been saying this for a couple of years now, but i truly believe we’re gonna have a new record out this year. we have a lot of stuff recorded … i’d estimate we’ll be finished by early autumn, but who knows. we’re all old guys now, with jobs and wives and kids and stuff.

You can still get A Is Jump’s 2004 CD My Ice-Fingered Ghost over at CDBaby.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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