Just so you know, in case you weren’t there. Metromix has some photos. I’m on the left in #14.

I got there just in time for Wolves In The Attic and they were a definite highlight of the evening, way more exciting in person than I’d come to expect from some YouTube video I saw of them once. When I first moved to Des Moines I got them confused with Wolves In The Throne Room for a while because I wasn’t familiar with either but both names seemed to be floating across my radar regularly at the time. Turns out I ended up liking both. In some ways they aren’t that different — both seem to present an intense level of energy and a formidable racket of guitar texture. Wolves In The Attic, rather than a black metal band oriented around nature, sound something more like Swervedriver on overdrive.

Christopher The Conquered was intense in their dramatic testimonial kind of way, every bit as raucous and fun as their set at Gross Domestic Product. The Mynabirds, in from Omaha, were pretty pleasant, especially in the vocal department. There’s a fair bit of buzz around them but I can’t help thinking they might kinda disappear in the sheer mass of similar indie-folk outfits in their hometown.

I don’t have to tell you Poison Control Center put on a wild, raucous, super-fun show, because they’re remarkably consistent in that regard. They were joined by a horn section borrowed from Christopher The Conquered, and from what I’ve heard, were likewise joined onstage by just about everybody in the venue at the end according to Dan (Why Make Clocks), who reports that he was among the throng playing a tambourine, but by that time I’d gotten really tired and made my way home.

PCC is touring the US epically this year in support of this new CD, which is called Sad Sour Future. I haven’t given it a good full listen yet but I’m expecting it to meet all expectations.

UPDATE: for a more detailed account, probably more insightful than my terse reportage, check out Marc Hogan’s bit over at Des Noise.

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