Little Village Magazine tweeted this shit today:

Sorry Des Moines, but if you had this much art…. your brain would explode. Another average weekend in IC:

I don’t understand this shit-talking towards Des Moines that just about anybody in the art or music scene in Iowa City thinks is so necessary that they do. For as much as any of them pay any actual attention to Des Moines’ art and music, for them to comment on Des Moines they might as well be talking about fucking Mars. Yet for some reason there’s this perception in Iowa City that (a) they’re the only place in Iowa that has anything going on, and (b) Des Moines is a dismal shithole from which nothing good can ever come. It was hard enough to get a venue in Iowa City to take me seriously when I was a musician from Waterloo, then fate conspired to move me to Des Moines and if anything it got worse. We get treated better in Omaha and even Dubuque. Oh, Kent Williams reviewed Why Make Clocks’ CD, These Things Are Ours, quite positively in Little Village. The album was recorded in Iowa City, and we specifically sent it to Kent because I like the dude. But then he spent half the review tearing down Des Moines before spending the rest on why he liked the CD. Is that fucking necessary? He should have just made the review half as long instead.

Here’s an idea, Iowa CIty: maybe try looking outside your little fucking bubble once in a while. I mean I love Iowa City, I’m a fan and friend of several musicians in your town, I think it’s a cool place with a lot going on, and when I make it out there I usually make sure to pick myself up a copy of Little Village. Think anybody over there can be bothered to return the favor? Fuck no. So how the hell would any of you have any idea what we got for art here, if you aren’t even looking? Really, what the fuck is this bullshit high school rivalry you’re trying to run here? I ain’t playing that game.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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