I’ve mentioned The Showgirls in earlier posts about Heroic Nonsense, The Halfway Situation, and No Consensus, and not the same The Showgirls that played the show with Page 5 Girl documented on House Of Fat Ladies, The Showgirls were the pop-punk duo of Jon Grim and Derek DeVries. Here’s the tape they put out:

The_Showgirls-The_Showgirls.zip (37.5 Mb)

Not long before this came out, The Showgirls were responsible for organizing a very important event in the early Ragman scene history, the National Crapper Day party show held January 27, 1996 in the basement of the DeVries house in a room adjacent to Derek’s bedroom in commemoration of Sir Thomas Crapper. Invitation/flyers were distributed which featured a computer paint program drawing of a stick figure standing next to a toilet and saying “Poop.” The show featured The Showgirls, Symphon-E, myself doing a 2-song solo set, Booker & Slappy’s Skateboard Band, Neils’s Junkyard Band Featuring The Smooth Operators, an early incarnation of Switchstance called Plastic Spectrum, and an early incarnation of Angry Cops called Anti-, in which Derek DeVries played drums but only knew half the songs; Ben and Mike planned to play the remaining songs without drums but I jumped in and improvised, which led to my being asked to join the band later. And I recorded a lot of it on my handy-dandy handheld cassette recorder. Here’s a recording of The Showgirls’ set at Crapper Day:

The_Showgirls-Live_At_Crapper_Day.zip (53.6 Mb)

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