Early on in my time with Joe & Co. I got together with most of Symphon-E (or whatever they were called at the time – possibly The Bludy Boys) and recorded these noise/tardcore jams on two microphones and a karaoke machine in the upstairs sunroom off of Elfboy’s bedroom in the McAdams home where Symphon-E practiced. I tried seeing if Steveggs might add it as a distro item in the Egg Scab Radio catalog once (after all, we covered “Dude Man”) but he said the sound quality was too shitty. Pretty good for laughs, and this project eventually, in my mind at least, evolved into Bwang!

For anyone wondering, the cover picture is from the instruction booklet for a product called the What-A-Saw, which was then renamed the Tri-A-Saw. I got it from a temp job I had for a couple days at the Home Shopping Network, in which the work consisted of opening the boxes of all the What-A-Saws and replacing the instruction booklet with the new Tri-A-Saw version.

Reversible_Hyena-Louder_Sloppier_Stupider_More.zip (80.4 Mb)

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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