Tyler Crew and Bret “Poopy Pants Jenkins” Philp were looking to form a new band and needed a bassist. Not sure how I found out about that, but I’d known these guys for years. I came down to Tyler’s mom’s place, they showed me a couple of songs, and I was in. From there I sort of ended up taking over the band, as I also became the lead singer and wrote a lot of stuff. I started using a very guitar-like style of bass playing. We played shows, mostly at the usual Reverb, but also at this place in Oelwein called The Dancing Lion a couple times, through the good graces of the folks in Grave Corps and Dylan Shiv and the Shanks. We had a really cool sci-fi goth-punk thing going that I used to describe, elevator-pitch-style, as “Philip K. Dick talks Sebadoh into raiding Joy Division’s medicine cabinet,” and I think we were well received, but Tyler’s tendency to get excessively drunk and play sloppily, then cheeze out on helping us load-out, started to grate on Poopy and me, so after probably not even a whole year Radio Dramamine kind of petered out. Poopy and I started working on doing my songs as a two-piece, and ended up recording stuff together that became most of The Small Slate-Colored Thing, then I ended up having to move to Des Moines. Here’s our self-produced/self-released EP and a couple shows.

Radio_Dramamine-The_Mind_Is_A_Terrible_Waste.zip (18.4 Mb)

Radio_Dramamine-Live_1-19-08.zip (52.3 Mb)

Radio_Dramamine-Live_5-10-08.zip (65.8 Mb)

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. I've been weird all my life. It's my time to shine.

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