Had a wonderful time at The Mews once again last night. It was the kind of gig where the turnout is really low such that it’s mostly musicians playing to each other, but the vibes among the musicians are so overwhelmingly positive that no one seems to mind. It was a real musicians’ bro-down. The few of you that did show up that weren’t playing in the show yourselves, thank you very much for venturing out on a Tuesday night.

Jacob Tyler Wolfgang got things started with a quiet set of Americana-folky stuff, accompanied by his own acoustic guitar and his misses’ piano and harmonies. The sounds were really pretty, and the subdued mellow vibe was a nice way to start the night before getting our faces rocked off…

…by Nuclear Rodeo. When I saw these guys a few weeks back with Petit Mal and The Bassturd, they only brought half the band, and even in that configuration they were rad. They’re “from” Cedar Rapids but “live in” Ames, whatever that means. I wonder if that means I’m from Waterloo and just live in Des Moines, or if I can start saying I’m from Des Moines? I mean I guess we could just as well say I’m from Lancaster, Wisconsin, my birthplace, though I only lived there until about the age of one year. Nuclear Rodeo have a song about Wisconsin. Anyway, great power-pop thing going on here.

Bob Nastanovich showed up with a record player and a box full of records and started spinning alt-rock classics. He also got on stage to give New Radiant Storm King a rousing introduction.

Our set may have been a bit rawer than usual in spots… all our practices and performances for the past couple weeks have been of a stripped-down acoustic variety, and we hadn’t managed to get in a rehearsal in which to regather our rawk legs. None of this seemed to bother anybody but us though.

New Radiant Storm King was fantastic, epically jangling, driving and melodic. I’d been hearing their name around for years but never managed to get familiar with their stuff until just recently when I found out we were going to be playing this show with them and that Dan is a big fan, and I’m really glad all that finally happened.

Several points during the evening, Peyton Pinkerton of NRSK couldn’t seem to stop talking to me. Not in an annoying way, but in the “mutually interesting guys who want to be friends” kind of way. We had much very engaging conversation. I hope these guys come back again so we can hang out some more. And I would definitely see and/or hang with Nuclear Rodeo again. Didn’t get much chance to chat with Jacob, he might have left early. But it seemed like everybody had something nice to say to somebody. That’s always a good feeling.

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