Jason Nelson contacted me inquiring whether I’d post this, and now here it is. It’s in WMA files rather than the usual mp3s I post, but it’s a little-heard treasure: the never-released album by The Halfway Situation, the duo of Jason Nelson and Derek DeVries that came about from their parting ways with Jon Grim thus ending Heroic Nonsense. These are some really intense tracks, and to have them finally surface is pretty awesome. Here are the notes Jason sent along:

Derek and I had been doing recordings on our practice space, (tooth basement) but we weren't really happy with the sound we were getting. Finally we broke down and decided to go into a studio. I remember Derek asking me who I would want to work with if we could work with anyone out there, and Don Zientara quickly came to mind. He had been recording albums that i loved and meant a lot to me for years, including minor threat, fugazi, lungfish...the list goes on and on. One day on a whim I decided to send Don the recordings we had been working on, and asked him if he would be interested in working with us. Surprisingly he got back to me right away and said he'd love to. The next thing I know we're out in Arlington, VA at Inner Ear Studios working with Don. This recording is the result of our time there. We never actually released this album. There were many factors...I wasn't doing very well, and Derek had moved out to California....among others. Derek and I are still close, and we have talked about finally having a proper release for this record. It's my hope that we can put it out in the near future. Recorded at Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara Derek Devries - Drums, Vocals, Bass on track 11 Jason R. Nelson - Bass, Vocals , Drums on track 11 Thanks to everyone who's supported us over the years in all forms. And Thanks to Don. I also want to give special thanks to Cody Brown for his work on the mastering.

The_Halfway_Situation-The_Story.zip (46.9 Mb)

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