Much of Ragman’s history occurs during an era when teenagers all over the world were starting up their own versions of Nirvana. The Ragman scene had our share of these in the forms of Spork and Sinister Plot. With no offense intended, Spork were by far the better of the two. Sinister Plot was originally named Anavrin, a name they got from their friends because of their very obvious attempt to sound like, and frequently cover, Nirvana (Anavrin is Nirvana spelled backwards, get it?) These guys found their way to the Ragman scene and got Joe to help out recording their stuff on 4-track. Those recordings are in this file, along with a live recording from one of Tony Seyffer’s Alternative Barn Parties. I don’t know what vocalist/guitarist Logan gets up to these days, but bassist Dan Combs is still doing some music (including a cover band called something like Brown Sugar Cracker) and drummer Will Quegg (subject of the No Consensus song “Tuff Quegg”) went on to get way better at the drums and play in some metal bands, most recently Age Of Discord.

Sinister (69.3 Mb)

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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